Barcelona Street Carving Map (Sold Out)
Barcelona Street Carving Map (Sold Out)

Barcelona Street Carving Map (Sold Out)

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This Street Carving is sold out again. The next release date is end of JULY 2021.

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Mapa de fusta de Barcelona en 3D, atractiu i minimalista. Retallat amb precisió, polit a la perfecció i fàcil de penjar, tant a casa com al despatx.

Arriba 1-2 dies després de fer la comanda per FedEx.


  • Tres capes de fusta (tauler DM), de 3 mm de gruix cadascuna, per a l’aigua, la terra i el paisatge urbà.
  • Marc negre senzill, sense revestiment.

Nombre limitat d’unitats, que es fan per tongades. Quan se n’hagin exhaurit les existències, el producte apareixerà com a exhaurit en aquesta mateixa pàgina. Se’n reposaran existències en el termini de 2-3 mesos.

Consumidors de la UE: Cal tenir en compte que ara l’IVA s’afegeix quan es fa el pagament, per la qual cosa NO s’inclou en el preu que es mostra més amunt. Això és degut a una limitació del programari. Un cop que es rebi, no s’incorrerà en cap despesa de duana o en càrrecs de cap altra mena; t’ho garantim.

Termini aproximat de lliurament: 1-5 dies a l’Amèrica del Nord, per FedEx Ground; 3-7 dies als estats membres de la UE. No s’aplicaran despeses de duana a cap tramesa; t’ho garantim.
Garantia de reemborsament total en cas que la peça arribi feta malbé. En aquest cas, només ens hauràs de fer arribar una fotografia dels desperfectes i del paquet que contenia la peça, i en tramitarem el reemborsament en un termini de 24 hores.



Bold, minimalist 3D wooden map of Barcelona. Cut with precision, sanded to perfection, and easy to hang in either the home or office. 

Ships 1-2 days after order is made via FedEx.


  • three wooden layers (3mm thick MDF) for water, land, and streetscape
  • simple black frame with no covering

Limited number made in batches. Once sold out, it will state on this page that it is sold out. Restocking takes 3 months. 

EU/UK/AU customers: Please note that VAT is now added at checkout and is NOT included in the price you see above. It is a limitation of the software. There will be no customs or other charges upon delivery - guaranteed.


Estimated delivery: 1-5 days via FedEx Ground for North America. 5 days to EU/UK via FedEx Express. No customs charges for any shipment - guaranteed.
Full money back guarantee if artwork arrives damaged. Provide a photo of the damage and the box it arrived in, and we will refund in 24hrs.



I thought it looked stunning online, but in my hands, it's even better. Made for the perfect birthday gift!

Jane L.

I hung it right away at work and its neutral look makes it noticeable but not distracting. Love it!

David K.

One word: Beautiful.

Saanvi R.

Common Questions & Answers

Q: How is the product shipped?

We take great care to package the map so that it does not get damaged along the way. If there are any issues, contact us and we will ship a replacement. 

Q: What is the map made of?

There are three layers of cut wood (3mm depth) representing the streets, land and water.

Q: Can the map be hung?

At roughly 2.5kg, the map can easily be hung and is equipped as such.

Q: Will the product be exactly as shown?

Because this is art, and each piece is made custom - you can expect small variations. For the most part though, it should look exactly like what has been pictured above.

Q: Where do you ship, and what is the cost?

We ship anywhere within this great land of Canada and to our American friends. US orders ship from our US distributor via US postal service.  

Q: I have an unanswered question - how can I contact you?

We reply the same day. Just email us at Cheers!