Paris Street Carving Map (Sold Out)
Paris Street Carving Map (Sold Out) (1883743158323)
Paris Street Carving Map (Sold Out) (1883743158323)
Paris Street Carving Map (Sold Out) (1883743158323)

Paris Street Carving Map (Sold Out)

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This Street Carving is sold out again. The next release date is September 2023.

It can be purchased now to ensure you receive a carving when it is available again, and to lock in the sale price.

Alternatively, you can leave your email to be notified when it is available again.

Purchasing now will reserve the price and place you on the pre-order list, but nothing will be shipped until the release date. It is fully refundable until a shipping notice has been sent out.


Carte 3D en bois de Paris au design audacieux et minimaliste. Coupée avec précision, poncée à la perfection et facile à suspendre à la maison ou au bureau.

Expédiée dans 1 à 2 jours après commande via FedEx.

Caractéristiques :

- trois couches de bois (d’une épaisseur de 3 mm chacune) sont utilisées pour représenter les différents reliefs : eau, terre et paysage urbain ;
- cadre noir simple sans revêtement ;
- la disponibilité est limitée, car les cartes sont produites en lots. Toute rupture de stock sera indiquée sur cette page. Le réapprovisionnement du stock prend 3 mois.

Clients européens : Veuillez noter que la TVA est maintenant ajoutée lors de votre passage à la caisse et qu’elle n’est PAS incluse dans le prix indiqué ci-dessus. C’est une limitation de notre logiciel de facturation. Vous n’aurez pas à vous acquitter de frais de douane ou de tout autres frais à la livraison ; nous vous le garantissons.

Délai de livraison : 1 à 5 jours via FedEx Ground pour les livraisons en Amérique du Nord. 5 jours via FedEx Express pour les livraisons vers l’Italie. Aucuns frais de douane ne vous seront facturés ; nous vous le garantissons.
Garantie de remboursement intégral si l’œuvre d’art arrive endommagée. Fournissez une photo des dommages subis et de la boîte dans laquelle la carte a été livrée, et nous vous rembourserons dans les 24 heures.



Bold, minimalist 3D wooden map of Paris. Cut with precision, sanded to perfection, and easy to hang in either the home or office. 

Ships 1-2 days after order is made via FedEx.


  • three wooden layers (3mm thick each) for water, land, and streetscape
  • simple black frame with no covering

Limited number made in batches. Once sold out, it will state on this page that it is sold out. Restocking takes 3 months. 

EU/UK customers: Please note that VAT is now added at checkout and is NOT included in the price you see above. It is a limitation of the software. There will be no customs or other charges upon delivery - guaranteed.


Estimated delivery: 1-5 days via FedEx Ground for North America. 5 days to United Kingdom/EU via FedEx Express. No customs charges for any shipment - guaranteed.
Full money back guarantee if artwork arrives damaged. Provide a photo of the damage and the box it arrived in within 7 days of delivery, and we will refund in 24hrs.






Q: How is the product shipped?

We take great care to package the map so that it does not get damaged along the way. Plastic wrapping, corner protectors and thick boxing are standard.

If there are any issues, contact us and we will ship a replacement or refund your money. 

Q: What is the map made of?

There are three layers of cut MDF (3mm depth each) representing the streets, land and water. These layers are then bound together permanently.

Q: Can the map be hung?

Yes, the map is light enough to be easily hung and the frame is equipped to do as such with hooks in the back.

Q: Will the product be exactly as shown?

Yes. There are small variations with anything made in small batches, but for the most part, they are as depicted in photos.

Q: Where do you ship from?

All orders ship from Toronto, Canada via FedEx ground for US/Canadian orders, and FedEx International Express shipping for all other nations. There are no duty payments - guaranteed.

Q: I want to order multiple, but some cities are sold out. How will such an order ship?

Pieces are shipped as they become available. So if your order has two available cities and a sold out city - the two available cities will ship now while the final one is being made. Once ready, the final city will ship seperately. 

Q: Do you do custom work?

At this point, we only take suggestions for future destinations that we can add to the collection.

Q: I have an unanswered question - how can I contact you?

We reply the same day. Just email us at Cheers!